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Spend a day or a vacation on a boat is a unique and often unforgettable experience. For many people, boat trips are a great way to experience nature and the fresh, clean air. To give yourself this gift, you must have a boat. If you don’t have one, you can rent one. In order to help you, this article discusses all the details you need to know about rent a boat in Europe, whatever your destination.

The different types of boats available

Many boats are available for your nautical outings, whether they are scheduled or decided urgently. You can discover these types of boats on SamBoat.

Boats for successful holidays

For a successful vacation at sea, special attention should be paid to renting a boat. It is advisable to choose boats with a skipper so that you can enjoy every moment of your trip without having to worry about driving. The list below presents the different types of boats that you can rent from SamBoat.

Motor boats: fast and comfortable

Motor boat rental are suitable for sailing trips with multiple destinations. If you want to take advantage of your vacation to discover several sites at sea, motor boats combine power, comfort and speed. Plus, these boats give you a wide range of choices in terms of size, style, and speed.

Sailboats: a jewel for amateurs

Sailboats combine simplicity, passion and low cost. They are a favorite of boating enthusiasts, as they require a bit more effort and experience to navigate. The latest models are both spacious and trendy. They have kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, counters and even cabins. Sailboat rental is well suited for the environmentalist, as they use only the wind and preserve the integrity of the environment.

Catamarans: an unforgettable experience

Catamarans are by far the most popular boats in the world. Stable boats with breathtaking aesthetics, catamarans are very popular for nautical holidays with family or friends. Their ladder, which gives access to the sea, allows you to be in direct contact with the water even on your boat. They often have room for a party with friends, regardless of your location. Combining the speed of motor boats with a friendly environment, motor catamarans are your companions for all your destinations. Ecological and economical, sailing catamarans are unique to SamBoat.

Luxury yachts

Sailing or motor yachts, luxury yachts are real pleasure boating palaces. They have a glossy exterior, enough to make a lasting impression. Luxury yacht charters are best suited for a romantic voyage. You have about 40 meters in length with a professional crew on board ready to serve you at any time.

Rent boats for a dream day

Boats for rent for a day at sea should be simple and comfortable. We have listed for you the boats to embark for a day at sea with SamBoat.

Outboard boats

These are similar to motorboats, but smaller than motorboats and have no chambers. Speedboats are fast, simple and comfortable. They allow you to quickly explore many destinations from beach to beach or island to island.


Traditional Turkish boats, the schooners have the particularity of accommodating about fifteen people with fully equipped individual cabins. You have the possibility to book in groups. The biggest advantage of this type of boat is that it has a deck equipped for parties. If you want a boat for a party day at sea, gulets are the best choice. Just like these Turkish boats, there are other party boats that you can rent.

How to rent boats in Europe?

When it comes to renting boats in Europe, you have two main options. The first is to go to a dock and negotiate directly with an owner. This option is not recommended, as the risks are enormous. The second option, the one that is recommended, is to go through a company or a website specializing in boat rental such as SamBoat. These sites allow owners to advertise on them.

As a rental company, you must browse the advertisements and choose the boat that suits you best. Then you make the reservation online. On the day of the trip, the owner will show you the boat or before to check if it meets your expectations. If so, a contract is signed; if not, a contract is signed.

What is the budget for renting a boat?

The cost of renting a boat depends on several factors, including the type of boat, whether or not fuel is used, the geographical location and the duration of the trip. The price of renting a sailboat differs from the price of renting a motor boat, for example. To rent a speedboat for the day, count between 200 and 500 euros. To make it easier for you, many boat rental sites now offer price simulators.

The best places to visit by boat

Holidays off the Mediterranean are all the rage. Many wonderful places await you. SamBoat’s boats allow you to discover these wonderful places.

Croatia: colorful nautical holidays

Croatia is one of the countries to visit absolutely during a boat cruise. Along its coastline there are a succession of islands and incredible historical sites, some of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Split, Trogir or Dubrovnik.

Split presents a marvelous heterogeneous appearance by combining old and modern architecture. It is full of many sites including the famous Diocletian’s Palace. For a cinematographic note, this city was a filming location for the “Game of Thrones” series. So you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in it. Like Split, the city of Dubrovnik is also full of Game of Thrones filming locations. This city is characterized by its breathtaking ramparts.

Among the idyllic islands of Croatia there are:

  • Korcula Island;
  • Mijet Island;
  • Hvar Island.

Each of these islands offers a unique and extraordinary experience. The island of Korcula immerses you in its universe where the panoramic view exposes the green expanse contrasting with a blue sea and the sand of the beaches which hide there. An image that grabs your attention. Saplunara Beach on the island of Mijet is one of Croatia’s must-see beaches.

Greece: exceptional architecture

Greece is the perfect place to enjoy a boating holiday under sunny skies. It is full of many fantastic destinations, including the Saronic Islands. The latter are a set of 7 paradisiac islands forming an archipelago to see absolutely. Moni Island is perfect for sailboats. It is a mixture of forest, mountains and beaches with turquoise waters, a wonderful gift of nature.

Ajaccio: on Corsica in France

In the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, with its capital Ajaccio, is very popular with maritime travelers. This city is full of many tourist attractions including:

  • The Scandola Nature Reserve;
  • The tip of the Parata;
  • The Bonaparte House;
  • Agosta beach.

La Palma de Mallorca: in the heart of Spain

A seaside town, La Palma de Mallorca makes it possible to make a complete visit by boat. Catamarans are the most recommended boats to enjoy the smoothness of the water throughout the trip. You will be dazzled by the immensity and imposing architecture of Palma Cathedral. In terms of surprise and discovery, the Caves of Drach are magical. These are 4 caves that cover a real underground lake, Lake Martel.

Kotor in Montenegro

Located on the Adriatic coast like Croatia, the city of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is advisable to visit it early in the morning or late in the evening to enjoy a rather calm and exciting trip. There are many people during the day. This city is a jewel of historical monuments with the palaces of the Plaza de Armas: Pima, Clock Tower, Palace of the Rector, of the Prince, etc. To immerse yourself in an incredible setting, the Mouths of Kotor are the best placed, an exceptional landscape. The city of Kotor is the most visited by European travelers, it is a city of surprises.

The destinations to visit according to the seasons

The destinations mentioned below are not exhaustive, but they are the main places to visit according to the seasons of the year. Spring is the perfect time to visit Europe by boat, especially the Balearic Islands, the Caribbean, Belize and especially Seychelles. In summer, besides Croatia, Corsica, Brittany, the Côte d’Azur is an incredible destination. Greece and Mexico are the best fall destinations. In winter, the British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique await you.

The benefits of sailing

Boating is an activity with many advantages and benefits. Indeed, sailing puts you in contact with fresh and pure air. Your body and mind are calmed with each breath. A boat trip is an excellent time to tan and enjoy the benefits of the sun.

Boat rental in Europe is quite complex as to the choice of these. The many rental sites like SamBoat available make your job easier and safer.

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