Will you save money on the changes to the law?

Today, things happen in the private economy market as a number of new legislative changes have come into force. Most of the changes have been to the great delight of consumers.

Are you affected by the changes?

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Here is the list of the new rules:

  • Resolving the mortgage will be cheaper. Position to renegotiate the mortgage? As of today, it will be cheaper to redeem bonded mortgages as a result of changes in the Consumer Credit Act and how interest rate compensation is calculated. The changes mean that the rules for how a prepayment of home loans is made will be more fair when it has been found that consumers have to pay a disproportionate amount.

No longer building permit requirements for bailouts.

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Planning to expand on the property? As long as it is for example. From now on, it is possible to do this with a freehold of 25 square meters without having to apply for a building permit. If you want to rent out the extra space, however, you must keep track of whether the space is counted as part of the private home or as a commercial property to find out whether the income is tax-free or not.

  • Easier for tenants to rent out in the second place. Have you had trouble getting permission to rent out your home? From now on, it is enough to have “reasons”, rather than “considerable reasons”, to rent it out. It will also be possible for the tenant-owner associations to charge an additional fee by the tenant-owner who rents out his tenancy.

Oral agreements in DDL counseling are no longer allowed.

Agreements concluded over the telephone regarding DDL counseling are no longer allowed, but agreements must from now on be signed in writing.


  • Now it becomes easier to change mobile operator. The change in the law means that the notice period for mobile subscriptions may now be no more than one month before the end of the binding period. How dare I say, as appropriate, canceled my mobile subscription just today.
  • Cheaper to use the mobile abroad. The maximum limit for what operators may charge for both telephone calls and mobile surfing abroad has been further lowered. What a wonderful time now that many Swedes are going on holiday soon!
  • Divorce becomes more expensive. New rules apply to the court’s administrative fees as the application for divorce varies from USD 450 to USD 900. In order to sprinkle some extra salt in the wound, the fee has therefore been increased. Fortunately, one does not usually differ so many times in life.

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August 19, 2019