WAIV’s New SoundAlertSystem GPS Tracker Solves Safety Issues in the Yacht Charter and Boat Sharing Economy

SAN DIEGO, February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WAIV Technologies, the revolutionary solution San Diego-, has focused its research and development efforts on helping boat and jet ski rental companies improve their fleet management operations.

Last year, WAIV has launched its WAIV XStream GPS tracking systemwhich allows boat rental companies to track every trip and improve staff organization, while also improving the customer experience.

WAIV doesn’t just connect a boat to an app. WAIV creates a synchronized team-fleet operation by connecting the entire boat rental team with all boats in the fleet, regardless of type or brand. From jet skis to cruisers, and from site manager to docker.

Today the CaliforniaThe New York-based technology company has launched the next generation of XStream, the SoundAlertSystem. The SoundAlertSystem is equipped with a game-changing siren system.

A big part of the daily life of boat rental companies is to ensure that their fleet is safe and that their customers follow the rules. This can be extremely difficult when staff are not directly supervising the renter’s trip. Even with traditional GPS systems, it’s difficult to communicate with customers without creating a lot of friction.

the SoundAlertSystem solves this problem by automatically alerting renters when they exceed the speed limit or enter a prohibited area. Boat rental operators can track every trip and receive alerts when the boat approaches the dock. The system also includes alerts for various types of events, such as capsizing or inversion.

Unlike similar products, WAIV is extremely easy to install and use, and it was manufactured in the United States specifically to help boat rental companies. The CEO’s extensive experience in the boating industry strongly influences the company’s mission. All with the aim of helping boat rental companies grow more easily.

“I have been sailing, surfing and other water activities all my life. I have noticed a clear need in the market to improve safety and reduce stress for boat rental companies. These companies are working hard to deliver a great experience to their customers, they should be able to manage their operations more easily,” said Magnus Berggrenfounder and president of WAIV Technologies.

According to Berggren, the idea for WAIV was born in 2015 when he wanted to be able to track the location of his 9-year-old son who was attending a sailing and surfing school for young people. He built the initial version in his garage in San Diegoand the product quickly became a hit with local boat rental operators.

In a short time, WAIV has positioned itself as the innovative technological leader in the field of boat rental. Numerous testimonials from boat rental companies testify to the impact of WAIV solutions on their activities. Going forward, WAIV plans to continue its research and development efforts to further improve the lives of yacht charter operators around the world.

WAIV is a San Diegospecializing in creating innovative fleet management solutions for boat and jet ski rental companies. Unlike conventional GPS tracking systems, WAIV designs the products specifically for boat rental companies. Allow operators to easily manage and grow their business without unnecessary risk and stress. Learn more about www.waiv.ai

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