Useful tips for your first boat rental

In a boat, you can have fun relaxing for an afternoon with friends or throw a full party when large gatherings become viable again. Between the initial costs and the maintenance they require on a regular basis, owning boats can be more frustrating than fun. Fortunately, boat rental services give you a way to have fun on a boat without buying one yourself. These helpful tips for your first yacht charter will show you how to get the most out of every trip.

Request a captain

Always ask rental services if they provide captains. Not all boat rental services offer a captain for visitors, but these captains can be a lifeline when available. First of all, if you had planned to drink during the trip, the captain will not be able to participate.

As with cars, drink driving is incredibly dangerous. If you have a captain appointed by a reliable rental company, you can count on them to stay sober and safe. Another benefit of partnering with a rental service that provides captains is their experience. If you don’t have any boating experience or don’t have a proper license, having a captain on board means you can still sail responsibly.

Check your cargo

A good rule of thumb is to avoid packing too many or not enough supplies, stick to the basics. For example, there is a list of supplies worth bringing to boat parties to keep everyone comfortable, healthy, and happy. It helps to bring lots of towels, although taking up space with several coolers can be too much.

However, there is more to the packaging of the cargo to worry about. Leaving bags or individual items behind is everyone’s thing a few days before a trip at some point. So, to make sure you have everything you need, make a list of the supplies you should have and verify that they are in your car before you go to the rental department.

Know the service restrictions

Researching restrictions is one of the most useful tips for your first yacht charter. Showing up with certain materials and finding that you can’t bring them on board can be frustrating. The specific restrictions may vary, but a common example is alcoholic beverages.

While your rental service may allow guests to bring alcohol, there may be limits on the type of alcohol containers (bottles, cans, etc.) you can bring. Taking the time to ask questions about boat rental services like this can make the planning and packing process much more successful.

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