The move of the Minocqua boat show is launched

MINOCQUA – The popular wooden boat show will take place next year at a new location on Lake Minocqua, but not far from where it has entertained visitors for over 30 years.

Minocqua City Council on Tuesday approved a request from organizers of the Minocqua Antique & Classic Boat Show (MACBS) to use Torpy Park for the show on the weekend of June 17-18, 2022.

Event director Marc Toigo said he wanted to make the event “another great weekend for the Lakeland region”. Already, he said, it is viewed by boat show attendees and visitors as “becoming the funniest boat show in the Midwest.”

Last summer it was again hosted by The Boat House, on the island of Minocqua. Toigo said management has asked if the show can take place earlier or later in the season. Toigo said the boat show takes up all of the boat launching docks and parking spots around the restaurant at a very busy time of year.

The organizers of the boat show then decided to see if the city would agree to them using the Torpy Park site.

The Torpy Park site doesn’t have the heavy boat traffic – and the waves that go with it – that the other site does. Some of the classic boats cost more than a few hundred thousand dollars, and boat owners feared damage to their moored boats.

Town guards were in full agreement with the move. The board also agreed to allow boat show organizers to place six piers at Torpy Park, north of the beach. The jetties will be donated to the city, which will be able to use them throughout the summer, Toigo said.

The roll-accessible aluminum pillars will be 48 feet long and likely six feet wide. Supervisor Bill Stengl encouraged them to use jetties with “sturdy construction” so that boats moored there do not displace the jetties. The wider width would allow visitors to have a stable platform when walking alongside the moored boats.

The city will also allow MACBS to use the pavilion for the sale of food, drink and clothing, and the bandshell for live music. There will be displays of wooden boats on both levels of the park.

Toigo told supervisors that the club donated $ 5,000 from this year’s show to the Lions Club for upgrading the lodge’s kitchen. An addition of $ 1,500 went to the local lake association.

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