Tahoe boat rental company fined heavily for unauthorized buoys

Boats tied to buoys on Lake Tahoe. Provided

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada – A boat rental company that has placed a number of unauthorized buoys on Lake Tahoe has agreed to pay a hefty fine.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Board of Directors and Legal Committee on Wednesday both unanimously approved a settlement agreement with the companies Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe and Action Water Sports based in Incline Village, which includes a fine of $ 90,000.

According to the settlement agreement, Action Water Sports must pay the fine within 30 days of the settlement and if it does not and TRPA sues for recovery, the amount doubles. AWS must also advocate for safety and environmentally friendly boating by providing TRPA printouts to tenants, training staff, equipping all boats with a GPS that indicates when the ship is in a no-wake zone and s ‘partner with the League to Save Lake Tahoe to conduct boater education and safety clinic.

AWS and Hyatt also promise to moor only watercraft controlled by AWS in the Hyatt buoy field and each watercraft will be located on one of 48 licensed buoys. They must also obtain a boat concession permit for unauthorized buoys.

“Our mooring and shore program and the law enforcement that goes with it are working,” said APTR Executive Director Joanne Marchetta. “The mooring and registration permit program adds safety of navigation, protection of fish habitat, enhancement of recreation and provides funding for enforcement actions like the one our board approved. today. “

The violations were first brought to the attention of APTR on August 21, 2020 after a complaint about unauthorized moorings along the shoreline near the Hyatt property.

TRPA checked 10 unauthorized moorings in front of neighboring properties east of the Hyatt property and noted similar anchoring devices used by AWS and some of the attached boats were from AWS.

The agency issued a “Cease and Desist Notice” to AWS on August 26 requiring the removal of the buoys.

AWS owner Gary Scott said on September 8 that three had been deleted, the agency said.

After further investigation, TRPA issued a second notice on September 14 to Hyatt and AWS demanding that the operation remain only on Hyatt property and remove the buoys. Eight days later, on September 22, AWS confirmed that the moorings had been removed.

The agency said in follow-up discussions with Scott, that AWS was running the Hyatt dealership watercraft with other AWS / Hyatt mooring rentals for most of the season.

“Scott made these decisions aware of the APTR rules and regulations and persisted in this unauthorized activity for an additional 3 weeks,” said a description of the violation by APTR.

TRPA also settled a 2017 violation of $ 30,000 with AWS for the unauthorized placement of additional mooring lines in the Hyatt buoy field.

The agency said Scott was disputing the alleged violations, but in the interest of an amicable resolution, he agreed to pay the fine and implement a number of education and safety processes. during summer boat rental operations.

Hyatt or Scott did not respond to Tribune’s request for comment.

TRPA said AWS and Hyatt are expected to obtain a watercraft concession license for the Hyatt Pier by June 30.

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