“Sales agreements worth tens of millions of riyals” at the boat show: the organizers

The eighth Qatar International Boat Show (QIBS) 2021 ended with the participation of 36 companies, including seven Qatari boat builders, reflecting the advancement of the nautical industry in the country.

The show, organized by Al Mannai Plus Events, attracted many marine lovers and those interested in the industry, who were informed about the latest state-of-the-art boat designs in Qatar, local and international luxury yachts, as well as as accessories and equipment related to the marine lifestyle. , said the Qatar news agency.
Organizers highlighted that the QIBS, which ended on Saturday evening, was a unique event as it focused on the maritime industry in Qatar by launching “modern, high-end and manufactured luxury yachts and speedboats. in Qatar “, which attracted buyers. from inside and outside Qatar.
Al Mannai Plus Events CEO Hamad Issa al-Mannai said in a press release that the show, which is the only yachts, luxury boats and marine accessories show in Qatar, has succeeded in attracting many many local and international companies. The show witnessed sales deals “worth tens of millions of riyals” between Qatari boatmakers and buyers from Qatar and abroad, he said.
A number of local business owners have announced that they have signed major agreements for the sale of boats of various sizes with buyers from Qatar and abroad, and they expected high demand during the period. to come due to the high quality of this industry.
The show also saw the launch of a 52-foot speedboat, the largest speedboat ever made in Qatar, manufactured by Performance Marine, as well as the participation of 35 modern luxury boats made in Qatar.
The event had a section of used yachts for sale and saw the launch of a number of marine equipment and products.

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