RV and Boat Sales Accelerate Despite Rising Gas Prices | New

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Rising gas prices aren’t stopping drivers from getting behind the wheel of a new Winnebago.

While many are avoiding a trip to the gas station at all costs, many people parked their cars at Graham Arena on Friday to check out the boats and campers on display at this weekend’s Home and Lifestyle Show. Organizers say they are holding a sold-out event for the first time in two years, largely because business has been so good.

“It seems like most of the younger generations have gone outdoors in the last two or three years with COVID, and so we’re seeing a lot of new people in the market, anything outdoors,” said said Herb Howard of Universal Marine and RV. KIMT.

Outdoor vehicles aren’t exactly known for their fuel efficiency, but Howard says soaring gas prices haven’t slowed the acceleration in sales since the pandemic began.

“We’re seeing a whole new generation of young people getting into camping, fishing, boating, kayaking.” Howard continued, “The increase in gas prices hasn’t affected him, not at all.”

Howard shares that gas prices have always been an issue throughout his 22 years with the company, but he expects vehicle sales to continue to grow with so many people learning to love mother nature. . The Rochester Home and Lifestyle Show will run through Sunday at the Graham Arena.
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