Navigate cheaply with a boat rental

Owning a boat is expensive. For most of us, financing over 5, 7, or even 12 years is needed to keep monthly payments affordable. On top of that, there’s insurance, fuel, and maintenance. And for those who live where boats cannot be stored in the yard, a dock or storage facility is also required, usually an additional $ 150 per month around Alabama Freshwater for a 19-boat. at 22 feet long.

You also need a vehicle large enough to tow the trailer if you cannot store it in a wet dock or high / dry marina. Many midsize vehicles today are not designed to handle a pontoon boat or a full-size fiberglass pontoon boat – a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds or more is needed if you want to avoid trouble with the boat. expensive transmission.

All in all, this can be a lot of money for an asset that is losing value the month you own it. Not only that, but nowadays many families spend so much time in organized team sports and school activities that there is not much time left for fishing, boating and towing sports; the boat can only be used once a month, or less during the colder months.

One solution is to hire a boat when the opportunity arises to get out on the water. And there are a growing number of companies offering bassboat, ski boat, and pontoon rentals on many of the state’s popular lakes.

Rentals don’t come cheap: the smaller pontoon with a 40-horsepower outboard costs around $ 125 plus tax for a four-hour rental, and larger or faster boats can cost $ 300 for a full day, with additional charges for fuel used. Some rentals, including Town Creek in Lake Guntersville, also offer overnight rentals for anglers who want to get out at dawn and stay after sunset – the price is $ 300 for a 17ft bass boat, $ 425 for larger pontoons.

While this may seem like a lot at first glance, it’s actually a lot less than most people who pay to own, store, insure and maintain their own boat. Not to mention the constant depreciation of the rig. Of course, the rental costs are incurred on each trip; Obviously, for die-hard fishermen who spend every weekend on the water, or ski / wakeboard enthusiasts who are on the water every free minute, renting is not a good solution. Ditto if you want to take your pets out on the water, as many families do – almost all rentals do not allow pets on board.

But for the reality of modern life for most of us, when spending time on the water is scarce, renting can make sense. You don’t have the hassle of storing, charging the battery, fixing all the little things that inevitably go wrong with boats or worrying about someone stealing your $ 15,000 speedboat or devices. electronic $ 3,500. You don’t need to tow the platform to the lake and launch it. You don’t need to wash it after use or lubricate the trailer wheel bearings.

Granted, getting a rental on a busy summer weekend can be a challenge – most renters refuse to rent for a half-day on weekends during peak season, and weekends are usually reserved well in the summer. ‘advance. But with a little planning, chartering a boat can be a way for the family to have a good time together and enjoy something a little different every now and then.

An Internet search for “Lewis Smith Lake Boat Rental” or “Lake Guntersville Boat Rental” will reveal many companies that offer rentals for area waters.

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