Nationwide boat sales hit record during pandemic

Marc Dorfman has been sailing for over 23 years. He is a licensed US Coast Guard captain and certified sailing instructor by the American Sailing Association. He moved from Los Angeles to Miami during the pandemic.

“When COVID hit LA, they really shut down the city. And they stopped all the work I was doing on the water. And so it didn’t make sense to stay, ”he said.

Dorfman says interest in sailing has skyrocketed since the pandemic. He called it “a new beginning”.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association reports that the total boat sales increased by 13% from 2019 to 2020. The NMMA recorded approximately 318,000 boats sold throughout the year. These numbers were the highest since before the Great Recession of 2008. Sailboat sales increased 17%, with more than 5,600 units sold.

Dorfman also has a very different outlook on power boating and sailing.

“Miami is surrounded by motorboats that play loud music. Sailing is calmer, it is a more relaxing way to be on the water. You know, with power boating, you can just hand the key over to someone and they kick the accelerator. With sailing, there is a lifetime of learning, ”he said.

WLRN recently joined Dorfman on his sailboat and a reporter even helped him off the dock – putting on a pair of mittens and grabbing the rope, as Dorfman skillfully guided the sailboat out of the narrow channel.

Over the bay, Dorfman unfurled the sails and shut down the engine, leaving only the serene sound of water lapping over the hull and the lapping of the wind in the sails.

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