Miami International Boat Show returns to Miami Beach, city still recovering from rowdy tourists

MIAMI BEACH, Florida. – The Miami International trade show returns to Miami Beach in 2022, which will boost the local economy but also draw hundreds of thousands to a city still recovering from Rowdy tourists who caused chaos during the breakup spring and weekends.

The four-day event officially happens on President’s Day weekend in 2022 and is expected to draw around 100,000 people from around the world.

“It’s going to bring hundreds of thousands of people here,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said. “People who are going to stay in our hotel rooms, spend our money in our stores and restaurants.”

“We have always been a city that is an artistic and cultural destination, a convention destination — that is what we have always been and what we need to be,” the mayor added.

However, residents and business owners say chaotic behavior, such as video captured by a camera early Thursday morning, shows how some visitors misbehave when traveling to Miami Beach and South Beach.

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“It looked like a mob scene, I’m sure, on Ocean and 9th,” says Mitch Novick, owner of the Sherbrooke Hotel on South Beach. He was an outspoken critic of conditions in South Beach and even shared a video with Local 10 of an unruly scene police say ended in two arrests, all because two people were openly smoking and carrying marijuana and refused to comply with officers’ orders. on. Police say both arrests were actually of people from out of state.

“It’s every night,” says Novick. “It’s every day. Just standing here with you now, you can feel any moment that madness might break out.

However, Mayor Gelber says the hope and purpose of scheduled events such as the Miami International Boat Show is to attract visitors who want to enjoy all there is to do in Miami Beach, without blatantly infringing the law.

“If you’re going to take action, if you’re going to break our rules, we’re going to arrest you,” Gelber added in a statement to the public. “Or, we’ll tell you we don’t want you here.”

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