Feeney Boat Shop Launches Two Maine Lobster Boats

February 15, 2022

The Crustacean Hunter is in the 38-knot range when her 660-hp Cat C12 is wide open. Feeney boat shop photo

Feeney Boat Shop in Cutler, Maine completed two lobster boats for local anglers in late 2021 – the Hurricane Indie, a 42 Mitchell Cove for Andrew Hall; and the Crustacean Hunter, a 35 Mitchell Cove for Keenan Feeney.

“It’s the first (Mitchell Cove) 42 ever,” says Bruce Feeney of the boat shop. Feeney Boat Shop offers the Mitchell Cove 20, 32, 35 and 37 moulds. To build the 42ft, a 35 hull was cut into five pieces which were then rearranged and assembled to form the new 42′ 6 Mitchell Cove hull. ” x 16′. (Standard 35 Mitchell Cove is 35′ x 13′. )

The 42-footer is built entirely in composite.

“It didn’t have any wood in it at all,” Feeney says. Beyond that, Feeney describes the Hurricane Indie as “an old-school lobster boat” with nothing below deck and a V-berth forward. Bolted to the engine rails is an 800bhp 13-litre Scania that pushed the Hurricane Indie to a top speed of just over 30 knots.

“He was very happy with that,” Feeney says.

When asked if he thought Hall would race in the Maine Lobster Races this summer, Feeney said he didn’t know. But if he did, “he would give the guys their money’s worth.”

Regarding the origin of the boat’s name – Hurricane Indie – Feeney says it’s also the name of Hall’s daughter, who he describes as “a young, pretty wild little thing”.

35 Mitchell Cove, the Crustacean Hunter, was built for Feeney’s son over a two year period.

“We’ve been dealing with it for the past two years between all the repairs and other projects,” he says.

The Crustacean Hunter is also a fully composite hull. Feeney acknowledges that composite construction costs more to build, “but a lot of guys really like it.”

The Crustacean Hunter’s engine is a 660 horsepower Cat C12 which, with full throttle, revs the Mitchell Cove 35″ to almost 38 knots. It moves,” Feeney points out.

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