CRUISE: Boat sales increase before the holiday weekend | News

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA (KWWL) – Many are choosing to beat the heat in eastern Iowa by climbing onto a boat and into the water.

This boating season has been particularly successful for Midwest Boats Sales and Repairs, whose sales surged ahead of the holiday weekend.

“We’re normally used to pushing to get people back on the water, but we were good at scheduling people and getting parts, really, we’re ahead of schedule at the moment,” said the Midwest owner. , Terry Kuchenburg.

Midwest Boat Sales and Repairs has been in Cedar Falls for more than 40 years, and Kuchenburg says it’s been his dream since he was a kid.

“A dream is always an important thing, and I was lucky to have my dream come true. We started making boats for about 10 years and then we started selling them,” he said.

Despite the recent drought in Iowa, Kuchenburg believes the weather has been perfect for the season.

“It’s been a great year for rafting, lots of beaches for the family, and lots of boating has been a great recreational sport for the family,” Kuchenburg said.

Still, he has some tips for staying safe while walking on low water.

“Look where other boaters are going, and kind of see where they are and that will show you where it’s safe to go,” he said. “If you’re on large bodies of water you have navigation channels, stay between the buoys and you’re in great shape.”

He also said it’s important to keep up to date with local lake and river levels and stay alert for any possible warnings from the Iowa DNR.

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