Could rising gas prices influence RV and boat sales?

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Gasoline prices have had an effect on people at all levels, but are they influencing boat and RV sales?

It’s the Sioux Empire Sportsman 2022 show and people from all over the area are gathering to buy different equipment such as RVs and boats.

The question is, has the recent rise in gas prices affected consumers looking to buy a new RV or boat this year? Rich Probert, an RV salesman for Steinbring Motorcoach, says you might be surprised by the response.

“Granted that’s a concern, but not one that necessarily stops the buying of coaches right now. I think everyone has their finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing a bit, but time will kind of prove it,” said Rich Probert, an RV salesman for Steinbring Motorcoach.

Show manager Barry Cenaiko said RV and boat sales have soared during the pandemic due to people’s desire to get outside.

“During the Covid years that we are coming out of, there were so many things you couldn’t do, but these are things you could do. So immediately people were buying all the boats, pontoons, RVs and trailers they could. said show director Barry Cenaiko.

This tendency to go outside still seems to be relevant. As many turned out for this year’s show.

“There’s a big buzz out there, walking around here today. In fact, I just got back from spending a bit of time wandering around the pits and yesterday as well. It’s a big buzz and a good atmosphere also here for the show, says Probert.

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