Booming boat sales cause long delays at county boat launches | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

Booming boat sales and travel restrictions during the pandemic have resulted in long delays in accessing boat launches in the Sutherland Shire during peak periods.

A report from Sutherland Shire Council staff said “this is showing up in several places across the county.”

The report states that at Swallow Rock Boat Ramp, Grays Point, there was “up to two hours of waiting for access to the experienced boat ramp and nowhere for vehicles with trailers to be able to access the boat. make a safe U-turn “.

Contrast: A weekday at Swallow Rock Boat Ramp. At other times there are long lines. Photo: Chris Lane

This impacted residents trying to get in and out of their homes and also hampered emergency service buses and vehicles.

The report indicates that it was proposed to install signs “No parking from 7 am to 6:30 pm Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from September to April” in several places around the boat launch.

“The council has received concerns about queuing traffic at Grays Point which prevents access to emergency vehicles and residences for vehicles traveling east of Inglewood Road, Grays Point,” said the report.

“Grays Point experiences consistently high visitation rates during periods of hot weather due to current public health orders preventing community members from traveling outside of their local government area (LGA) or within three miles of the residence .

“This has resulted in high demands for launching ramps in the Sutherland Shire, including the Swallow Rock launching ramp.

Warning sign near Swallow Rock Boat Ramp, Grays Point.  Photo: Chris Lane

Warning sign near Swallow Rock Boat Ramp, Grays Point. Photo: Chris Lane

“With the rotation of launch vehicles or boat collection being slow and the boat launching capacity being two vehicles at a time, current demand far exceeds capacity and parking overflows have entered the roads. localities surrounding the boat launches, impacting the existing transit system at Grays Point.

“Demand is likely to be higher again once public health orders are relaxed.”

Another report said council had received concerns from Transdev regarding access to buses at Grays Point, during summer and holiday periods and that it was proposed to install “Bus Zone” signs. six bus stops west of Swallow Rock Drive. “

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