Boat show prepares people for summer amid parts shortages

With spring approaching, customers may find it difficult to buy boats this year.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) – With spring approaching, customers may have difficulty purchasing boats this year.

“It’s the time of year when you want to go out and see what we have because we have product, but it’s not going to last long,” said Barry Shinn of Boat Show Marketing.

“There is a worldwide shortage of almost everything and we are no different. The sooner people can make certain decisions, the sooner we can get that product to them. Shortages are a struggle, but that’s how it is no matter what kind of industry you’re in right now. People have longer wait times for things, but I think they’re getting more comfortable with it,” said J&K Marine’s Jim Peterick.

Boat makers like J&K Marine say they are not taking orders because parts to make the boats are hard to come by right now. Telling me that ordering a boat could result in missing parts like seats, leather and metal are two important items that they are struggling to source.

If you want a boat by summer, they recommend buying now to ensure your boat is ready for the season.

“I mean the offer is tight, we’re not going to lie to you, but if you’re coming here, I mean seriously, June isn’t that far away so that’s the weekend you want to come and do your best deal. If you wait too long, maybe you could come to the sportsman show in March, but I wouldn’t wait if you think about it. I’ll come here this weekend and do this boat,” said Shinn said.

Sales reps say Pontoon and Vexus boats are the most in demand, and the boats can range from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars.

Typical wait times are six to eight weeks when applying, but that time frame has changed dramatically.

“It’s very difficult when someone invests in you as a company on a hobby product, you want it and we can do whatever we can. We just keep getting along with it and rolling with the hits fist,” Peterick said.

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