Boat rental companies taking people on the water during the coronavirus pandemic


One local tourism industry adapting to life during the coronavirus pandemic is the boat rental business.

Salty Sam Marina, near Fort Myers Beach, has sales to encourage people to get out on the water.

They also took extra care, cleaning and disinfecting the boats.

Not only are the people we spoke to comfortable renting the boats, the staff say they hear from a lot of people who are grateful that their business is not closed.

The crew informed us that they are disinfecting the boats, wiping them down. They saw that we had brought some bleach wipes, and they thought, “We wiped it up, but go ahead. “They were a very good team,” said Ron Noyes, who was on vacation in Michigan.

People are just thankful that they have something to do.

“There are so many things that are closed that they have nowhere to go, and we provide them with a lot of fun and entertainment for their children and themselves. So they’re very happy, ”said Bruce Pierce, captain of the“ Pieces of Eight ”pirate ship.

They have limited the capacity of their bigger boats to 50% to make sure people can have space between them and others.

The employees told us they were full by Thursday.

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