2021 Summer Tiki Boat Rental in Ocean City NJ

Ah, summer! You miss. We are tired of the snow and ready for some sunny fun. Summer is so close now that we have a day of over 50 degrees and a little sunshine. Do you already have plans for the summer? Are you trying to make summer 2021 even more memorable than 2020?

Summer 2020 has made it difficult for anyone to have a memorable summer, but I’m sure we’ve all done our best.

We learned from Philly Voice that Ocean City tries to make sure you have a great summer at a BYO Tiki Bar. Talk about great summer vibes here. I love it. According to Philly Voice, May will be the big month when Pau Hana Tiki boat tours start to bring fun to people. You will have Hawaiian vibes in the state of New Jersey.

This Pau Hana Tiki boat already allows you to bring your own drinks but to make it better it will also allow you to be the DJ on the boat. You have all the musical power with the auxiliary cord. Now you know it’s a ton of pressure.

It has been stated on Philly Voice that Pau Hana Tiki boat tours have strict rules.

  1. Alcoholic beverages should only be consumed on the boat after leaving the dock.
  2. Tiki boats can only accommodate a maximum of six people.
  3. Must have valid ID to drink alcoholic beverages on the boat.

Booking the Pau Hana Tiki boat isn’t too cheap either. Philly Voice has advised that plans start at $ 325. This price will allow you to enjoy the tiki bar for 2 hours. For information, the tip is not included in this price.
Ocean City tries to make sure you have a great summer at a BYO Tiki bar. Get away from the dry city and have a drink on the tiki boat.

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