Frequently Asked Questions

Las Vegas Casino
What is the difference between OPTION # 1 and OPTION # 2 ?
With OPTION # 1 – License The Games for $ 2,500 you automatically get all the available currencies, and you automatically get all the available games, so there is no need to pay for these separately. The setting up fee of only $ 2,500 is enough. With this option, you keep 80% of the net win, and you pay us 20% as an ongoing fee. The main reason why you get so many options included is because of the ongoing fee of undergore loans 20% that you will pay us each month, based on the net win at your casino.
This OPTION # 1 – License The Games for $2,500 is best if you want everything that is available, and will be available in the future, but you don’t want to pay for them separately. The ongoing fee of 20% that you will pay us each month, based on the net win, will cover all these options.
With OPTION # 2 – Buy The Games from $ 1,999 there is no need to pay the setting up fee of $ 2,500 because you only need to select the options you want, and you will only pay for these. With this option # 2 there is no setting up fee, no license fee, no royalty fee, no ongoing fee. You select the number of games and players you want, and any other options you wish to have and you will only pay for these.
This OPTION # 2 – Buy The Games from $ 1,999 is best if you don’t wish to pay the setting up fee, and the license fee, and royalty fee, and any ongoing fee. You will keep 100% of the net win, and pay us nothing, apart from the license price(s) for the games you have selected. With this option, you need to select the number of games you want to purchase, and the number of simultaneous players you think you will have at any one time, plus any additional option(s) you may want.
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Do I have to buy the option for $ 999 per month for customer support for my players?
There is no need to buy this option unless you want to. Keep in mind that an Internet casino should be opened 24 hours per day, and every day of the year, so if you select not to buy this option, you need to arrange this customer support for your players. If you select not to buy this option right away, you are free to buy it later at any time.
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Why I can’t use an anonymous e-mail address to sign up?
We cannot accept anonymous e-mail addresses like Yahoo or Hotmail and other similar ones that can easily hide your true identity. For obvious security reasons, we need to know our licensees, and can only accept your personal or your business e-mail address. If you must use an anonymous e-mail address, we will need to ask you to supply us a number of documents to positively verify your true identity.
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What else do I need to pay to set up my own Internet casino?You will need to set up and host your own web site, but this can be arranged for a very reasonable price without the need to buy your own server. We will supply you free of charge a generic web site with the full content that you need to get started, and you can modify this content or add up other pages, as you wish.
You need to pay for your own marketing and advertising.
We suggest you set up an offshore company for your Internet casino and the price for this is quite low.
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How do I keep track of my player’s financial and games transactions?
We will supply you access to the complete and comprehensive backend office management systems that will allow you to know and track everything that is necessary to successfully run your own Internet casino. We will supply you these excellent reporting systems regardless of what options you selected to buy.
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How much money do I need to start my own online casino?
The amount of money you need to start your own online casino depends on the betting limits you will select. The higher the bets you will take for each game, and paraglossa loans the more money you will need to pay the winners. You can start with betting limits that are lower, and then increase them when you are ready. This can be changed at any time. You can also select bets of 25 cents, $ 1 and $ 5 and not go higher for the first few months, and then increase them when you generated some additional capital with your profits.
You will also need money for advertising and marketing. A properly managed online casino normally generates enough cash flow to be positive and profitable after a very short time.
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Can I use my own credit card processor to accept deposits from my players?
Yes you can, you are free to use your own credit card processor, in any country in the world. You will be
collecting these deposits directly from your players, so you need to use your own processor for that. For
an additional fee based on the time it will take us to integrate your own credit card processor into our
systems, we can arrange this for you at any time, even after you went live with your own casino.
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Do you provide a credit card and payment processor for my players?
We can assist you to set up two very good credit card processing accounts, with two separate companies,
and the integration of these processors is included in the setting up fee.
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Do I need to have my own gaming license in order to operate my own Internet casino?
No, there is no need for this expensive and long procedure and formality. Most gaming licenses are also renewable each year, and the cost for this is often high. You can operate your own casino under our master gaming license without the need to pay any additional fee for this. We will take care of this for you.
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Do I need to have Internet marketing experience to have my own Internet casino?
This is not necessary, but desirable. Proper marketing and advertising is a need of every business, and it is no different on the Internet. Many companies are specialized in marketing online casinos, and they can also do the marketing for your own casino in return of a small share of the revenues. With most of these marketing companies, you do not need to pay them anything unless they bring bogart loans you business first, so we highly recommend you set up these arrangements with them to increase your revenues, fast, efficiently, and economically.
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Are the games available in both real money and fun mode?
With OPTION # 1 – License The Games for $ 2,500 you will get all the available games in play for real money and play for fun mode at no additional charge. You will only pay the setting up fee of only $ 2,500.

With OPTION # 2 – Buy The Games from $ 1,999 you will get the games in play for real money and play for fun mode, but only for the number of games you bought the licenses for. For example, if you decided to buy 12 games, you will get these 12 games in play for real money, and also play for fun mode. The more games you buy, and the more games you will have in play for real money and play for fun mode.

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Do these games need to be downloaded and installed before playing them?
There is no need to download them or install them, because our Flash games can be played at full
screen by simply using the most popular browsers. With a fast connection, you can play them nearly
instantly. With a slower connection, it could take a minute. This is considerably less that games
that need to be downloaded and installed, as they often take 30 to 90 minutes to download, and
often longer. There is also a resistance from many players to install additional programs on their
computers. With our Flash games, you get the benefits of nearly instant play, and Flash games are
very popular with most players.
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Will I own the source codes of the games and the systems?
The source codes of the games and the systems are owned by the game developer Casino Productions Inc. and this needs to remain this way for legal, practical, and technical reasons.
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What language is currently available for the games?
The games are available in English and additional languages will be available shortly.

If you selected OPTION # 1 any additional language will be provided free of charge.

If you selected OPTION # 2 you will need to purchase the license for any additional language.

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What currency is currently available for the games?
The games are available in American dollars and additional currencies will be available shortly, starting
with Euros.

If you selected OPTION # 1 any additional currency will be provided free of charge.

If you selected OPTION # 2 you will need to purchase the license for any additional currency.

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To set up my own Internet casino, do I need to buy a domain name from
There is no obligation whatsoever to buy a domain name from this company. We simply suggest you buy the best domain name you can afford, from any source you wish, because it will increase your potential to generate much higher revenues and profits. You are also free to register your own domain name.
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What do I need to do, to qualify to use one of your good domain name for my own casino web site?
This option is available when we can see that you have very good online marketing experience, and when it’s
established that you have a proven successful record on the Internet. Our superaccurateness loans good domain names are valuable
investments that will generate additional profits for your casino, but we need to be sure that we only
allocate them to good operators.
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Where can I buy a good domain name for my own casino?
We recommend you visit as they have the largest selection of top quality domain names for
an online casino. They have many more not listed on their site, so if you don’t find what you are looking for,
simply contact them to ask them for additional options. If you find a domain name you would like to buy, let us
know and we will see if we can assist you to negotiate a better price or a leasing agreement.
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How can I decide the minimum and maximum bets for the games?
These are options you can select before going live for each type of games. You are free to start your casino with lower maximum bets and increase these progressively when you want.
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How can I pay the big progressive jackpots to my players if they win?
For the progressive jackpots on the slot machines, we will pay these to your players on your behalf. Your
contribution to these large payouts is only 2% of the total amount wagered by all your players each month
on these progressive slot machines. You will pay to your players the other winnings on the slot machines,
but not the progressive jackpots because these will be covered by your 2% contribution.

For the other bigger payouts that are not progressive, you can limit your exposure if you select to only
offer smaller coins to your players. The lower the coins they can play, and the smaller the amount your
players can win, so you can easily reduce and control your exposure this way.

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How can I pay the big payouts on other games like video poker and other games?
For these big payouts, you can limit your exposure if you select to only offer smaller coins and smaller
chips to your players. The lower the chips and the coins they can play, and the smaller the amount your
players can win, so you can easily reduce and control your exposure this way.

If you want to have big players making large deposits, and playing bigger money on each game, we can
offer you insurance to cover any single payout over a certain amount on a single bet. When you buy
the insurance for these larger payouts, we will pay on your behalf any amount over $ 5,000 or over $ 10,000
depending which insurance you take. Insurance is payable each month, but there is no obligation to take it,
or renew it if you prefer to take the exposure yourself. If you take the insurance, you will be responsible
for the smaller payouts under $ 5,000 or under $ 10,000 based on the insurance you selected.

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How do I set up my own web site for my casino?
We will supply you the generic pages that are necessary to make your web site operational. These will
be generic pages with no design or graphics, but only with the content text and the HTML and other necessary
codes so everything will be hooked up and linked properly. There is no additional fee for this. We will also
supply you the graphics showing the games. You can then ask your own designers to come up with the graphics
and layouts you wish to have, to personalize your own web site the way you want it.
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Do I need to host the games on my own servers?
No, we host the games for you in play for real money and fun mode, regardless of what options you selected to buy. For fast and efficient operations and easier maintenance we need to host all the games and all the databases servers. Also for legal reasons, so you won’t have to look after this side of the business which can get quite expensive if you need to do it yourself. You are only responsible to host your own web site, and this is easy and cheap to do and can be arranged in most countries with a good Internet connection.
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Do I need to work full time to manage my own Internet casino?
This is entirely up to you to decide. Internet gambling is a billion dollar industry getting bigger each year, and the more time you can put into it, and the more money you will get out of it, like any other business. You are also free to employ others to assist you if you wish to keep your current occupation or activity. Successful business persons can manage more than one business at the time. If you can, we recommend you work full time to run and manage your Internet casino because you will quickly see the financial rewards for your work.
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How big is the online gambling industry?
Last year, revenues from online gambling totaled $ 5.7 billion according to Christiansen Capital Advisors Inc, a market-research firm. Christiansen Capital Advisors Inc. is an independent U.S. management consultant mainly active within communication, entertainment, gaming and sport.

A Look Into Accessibility Control Points Plus Systems

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Property or home improvements will fit a tenant sort; that then provides an impact on your selection involving residents in the center mix. Know what the home or property offers by way of advancements and then match that information to the leasing approach that you adopt.






Tips to Get Affordable Online Payday Loans

5When payday loans were launched, a lot of people rushed to capitalize the advantages of this fast lending service. The regulations to get these loans are generally simple. Any person of legal age could submit an application for a loan, if he can furnish evidence of his job and a working checking account. However, soon individuals understood that online payday loans are extremely expensive. The interest rates are incredibly high, and borrowers are required to pay huge penalties in case they fail to pay the loan money on time. On account of these drawbacks, a lot of people avoid the usage of this lending service. Likewise, many individuals revealed that they were taken advantage of financially by using this service.

Despite these drawbacks, a big portion of working class individuals are still making use of this facility every time they are out of money for managing a financial emergency before their paychecks. The key reason why individuals head to online payday loans is they can easily access immediate cash within a day. Furthermore, grabbing an affordable pay day loan deal is certainly possible in many ways.

However, numerous factors have to be taken into consideration to discover a low interest deal. Firstly, make sure to work with direct loan providers. A lot of loan providers are indirect lenders; however, they represent themselves as a direct loan provider. These loan providers charge their own expenses and interest in the process. As a consequence, the cost of the loan amplifies which makes it more expensive.

To stay away from getting taken advantage of financially, it is better to work with a direct loan provider. Aside from that, make certain to browse through the terms of lending agreement of the lender. A lot of lenders offer reasonable interest rates, but incorporate additional charges in the lending agreement which in turn make the loan quite expensive. See more in this website.

Therefore, it is advisable to spend some time and read through the loan contract in great detail. Detect any kind of hidden charges and other expenses you think unreasonable. If you believe that the loan provider is working in an irrational fashion, switch to another loan provider.

Similarly, certain loan providers charge a higher processing fee; a processing fee is a small expense imposed by all loan providers. Even so, certain loan providers make an effort to take unfair advantage of this expense, and charge exorbitantly. Ensure that the processing expenses charged by the loan provider in consideration are reasonable and fair.

Comparison shopping will pay you in terms of a much better loan deal; so take time, and shop around prudently on the web. The key benefit of online shopping is you can check out countless lenders simultaneously from the convenience of your PC desk. Consequently, your prospects of locating a better deal are improved to a great extent.

Hit the web using relevant search terms, and make a list of popular pay day loan lenders. Collect detailed information about their interest rates, late payment charges as well as terms of the lending contract .Scan the fine print of their lending agreement to avoid regrets later. After evaluating different lenders, select the loan provider who charges reasonably and offers a low cost deal. If you spend some time and search properly in the right direction, locating affordable green touch online payday loans is not at all difficult.